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mission: design!

Today we’re going to plunge into the world of children’s fantasy. It is our motto at Artbuk that art is for everyone – not only those with a background in art. And just as we share with you about sculptures, paintings and architecture, we also talk about design from time to time. That includes furniture, lamps and accessories that breathe style into our everyday life.

However, when speaking of design, most of us tend to think about items meant for adult users. Meanwhile, good designs are also made with children in mind. And today is all about  kids. Just as children’s imagination knows no bounds, the design aimed at little ones is also a rich source of unique ideas.

Developing good taste is very important, because the love for what is original and out-of-ordinary does not happen overnight. Just as children instilled with a love of reading from a very young age are more likely to choose a book over a video game in the future, the same way children who grow up surrounded by distinctive designs may become more sensitive to beauty in the future. But why does it matter so much?

If only because children who are now reaching for their first toys and interacting with their first furniture are the ones who will be shaping our society, art and design in the future. In other words, the world they create will depend on their creative capacity. One might wonder whether a designer’s chair can really make so much difference, or whether the choice of an eco-friendly wooden Montessori-like toy instead of a plastic Barbie can really affect the child’s development to such a large extent. It is, of course, difficult to measure. That said, the sooner kids are exposed to how important creativity is in everyday life and how many fun things can be created when one dares to think outside the box, the more they will share the feeling that the world is not black and white and the chair doesn’t always have to have four legs!

On the occasion of Children’s Day, which is celebrated in Poland on June 1st, we have come up with a quick overview of children’s furniture, lamps, toys and accessories which, we believe, are an example of excellent design – design with a capital D! But parents, too, will find in it something to tickle their fancy. There is a child in each of us, and it’s bound to come alive at the sight of the treasures that we’re about to show you!A chair is a must-have item in every kid’s room. The ones we have here serve many different functions – apart from the basic ones, they are also a fun decoration and a large toy. You can choose between a dog, a rabbit or an animal which seems to be a hybrid of a horse and a giraffe. An example of great design is also the kids’ version of the iconic Panton chair

that has been scaled down to suit children. Meanwhile, aficionados of retro aesthetics will fall in love with the wooden stool in the shape of a baby deer, which was designed in 1943.

Toys, too, can be made of wood. The cult frog on a string, designed by Małgorzata and Wojciech Małolepszy in 1987, is one such example of old-style design. Last but not least, as a nod to more modern forms, we have the balancing stones in the spirit of Montessori by 43wood that let the child create all sorts of structures.The fact that one never ceases to be a child is best reflected by the designs of Marcantonio for Seletti. While they are not exactly made with children in mind and come in avant-garde styles on the manufacturer’s website, you can easily imagine a lamp in the shape of a robot, dinosaur or monkey as part of a kid’s room decor.

  • Puppy Chair, Eero Aarnio